Transformational Teaching Through Yoga Adjustments – eBook


About the Book... Wherever you are in your path as a teacher, this book is designed as a streamlined tool to give practical guidelines for expanding your teaching skills. It begins with a basic exploration of learning styles as well as the structural platforms and actions that take place in each posture. Next, in the hands on adjustment section, you will find information on philosophy, ethics and types of physical touch. The images and description section displays many adjustments used for group classes. In addition, you will find a special section for adjustments that work well for private clients.

Following the adjustment section, there is a section entitled “Lessons Learned On and Off the Mat”. It introduces and reinforces principles you may or may not have learned in teacher training. It contains insights and tips that have helped me create a thriving and sustainable practice for over twenty years.

I have worked to make this book informative without being overwhelming. Yoga adjustments are an essential skill in your teaching tool kit. We do not all have the luxury of living near a teacher skilled in hands on adjustments, so sometimes it is necessary to use whatever means is available. With the use of this book, I suggest practicing hands on adjustments with another teacher. Share feedback with each other until you are confident your adjustments are safe and effective before adjusting your students.

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