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Yoga & Astrology Week at Rancho La Puerta Spa & Resort!

Immerse yourself in a week of wellness, rejuvenation, and yoga from June 22-29, 2024, at the award-winning Rancho La Puerta Spa & Resort in the stunning Baja California. As a place I’ve cherished since 1993, Rancho La Puerta offers more than just a retreat; it’s a sanctuary where transformations occur amidst breathtaking landscapes. Experience daily themed Vinyasa flow classes designed for all skill levels, from soothing neck and shoulder sessions to invigorating hip and heart openers. Enjoy exclusive perks like a 10% discount, potential room upgrades, and a special first-timer credit. Don’t miss the chance to create your own cherished memories in a place that has been a pivotal part of my wellness journey and family life. For a truly holistic experience, contact me to book your stay and unlock these special presenter benefits. Let’s embrace wellness together at this magical destination!


    • June 22-29, 2024

    50 Hour Yoga Training

    WHEN: July 29th – August 2nd, 2024
    WHAT: The 50-hour Vinyasa Yoga Training teaches a method that balances precise instruction, detailed alignment, breath and fluid movement. Classes are carefully themed to deepen the students ’experience of yoga. A flow of sun salutations and postures are skillfully sequenced, and modifications and props are used to individualize the practice for each student. The program uniquely blends the eastern and western teachings of yoga with today’s most current and practical applications. The training is anchored in a deep understanding of the body and biomechanics and goes far beyond teaching poses alone.

    While the curriculum is stacked for an immersive learning experience, the delivery is interactive and personalized, encouraging a well-rounded approach to developing both your personal practice and your teaching skills. The training is specifically designed to help you:

      • Advance your study of asana (including proper alignment, benefits, and contraindications of the physical postures)
      • Understand the principles of anatomy and body mechanics
      • Explore the science and art of sequencing
      • Learn how to teach online and in person
      • See and interpret how energy moves through the body
      • Use props to improve or modify a posture
      • Cultivate your voice, both as a teacher and as an individual
      • Build confidence through practice teaching
      • Learn and define the Sanskrit names of postures

    Whether your training is in person or online, it will be a fully interactive and dynamic experience.

    If you sign up for Stacy’s training before 6/12 you receive a $200 discount!

    Vinyasa of Gratitude 2024

    DATE: Thanksgiving, November 28, 2024
    TIME: 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
    LOCATION: Rancho Sante Fe, CA or Livestream Online
    WHAT: Join us for our annual Vinyasa of Gratitude this Thanksgiving. Dive into an enriching yoga session with the globally acclaimed instructor, Stacy McCarthy, winner of the IDEA World Health & Fitness Instructor of the Year award. Stacy’s unique approach promises a holistic experience that nurtures every facet of your well-being. Complementing the session, Master Sound Healer Laura Penn graces us with her skills, weaving in harmonious sounds to amplify relaxation and deepen your sense of gratitude. This event is a blend of dynamic movement and profound stillness, designed to infuse your day with intention and appreciation.

    Included in the event:

    • Guided Yoga Asana by Stacy McCarthy
    • Meditative practice for grounding and thankfulness
    • Enriching sound healing session with Laura Penn

    Reserve your spot now and start your Thanksgiving with intention and appreciation!

    2025 Align, Assist, Adjust Workshop

    WHERE: Soul of Yoga Institute
    WHEN: Friday 2/7 3:30-5:30 PM (PT)
    Saturday 2/8 & Sunday 2/9 9:00 AM-5:00 PM (PT)
    7 Hour video review and practicum
    WHAT: Align Assist, Adjust training goes beyond the surface, diving deep into the essence of yoga adjustments. It’s not just about technique; it’s about connection, understanding, and facilitating remarkable transformations – both on and off the mat. Whether you’re a seasoned instructor aiming to refine your skills or a dedicated practitioner looking to deepen your practice, this weekend promises to be a milestone in your yoga journey. Your Training includes my book Transformational teaching through Yoga Adjustments and step by step videos of what you’ll learn and experience.