About Me

Street Cred…

Stacy McCarthy is a world-renowned wellness expert, captivating speaker, and respected educator. Her wholistic approach focuses on Mastering the Big 3: How you Move, How You Eat & How You Think. She has positively transformed the lives of clients worldwide since 1991, teaching them how to have a balanced body, and a peaceful mind without dieting or excessive exercise.

Stacy’s impact in the science of yoga and wellness is undeniable. She was named the 2021 IDEA World Instructor of the Year, which is often referred to as the

Academy Awards of Health & Fitness Professionals. In fact, she’s been a top three finalist for the same award in 2011, 2019 and 2020. Her teachings and trainings have helped countless women worldwide, and she’s been a celebrated speaker at major yoga, fitness, and business conferences with audiences as large as 15,000.

As a Mom, she’s a genuine source of inspiration! With her unwavering commitment to nurturing her children’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, she’s set them on a path to incredible success. Her daughter, a Parade All-American soccer player and NCAA National Champion at UCLA, and her son, a highly recruited basketball athlete who graduated from Harvard and finished his MBA at Rice University, owe much of their success to
their mother instilling harmony and balance in their lives. But Stacy’s love and care doesn’t end with her children. As a devoted daughter, she’s a shining example of compassion and care, providing unwavering support to her mother who battles with dementia. Together with her husband Tom, Stacy travels the world, speaking about wellness and inspiring others to live their best lives. They’re true advocates for living a life full of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

Education & Experience

Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology, Health & Nutrition Specializing in Yoga Studies
Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology
Yoga Alliance Certified (inducted at the highest level) E-RYT500, YACEP
Holistic Leadership Council
Forbes Women’s School of Innovation
American Council of Exercise
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
30 + years of daily yoga & meditation
All Time Leader,  Hall of Fame Freestyle Frisbee World Champion


The Team really enjoyed your strategies for accomplishing “uncomfortable” manifests into “reaching above and beyond”. You kicked off the day in an amazing and memorable way.
K. Ann Brizolis, Founding Partner
Brizolis, Janzen and Associates

I had the distinct privilege of being taught by the best, Stacy McCarthy. Stacy was my teacher in my Yogaworks Teacher Training. In addition, she mentored me for nine months in her Yoga School of Business program. Stacy is the essence of integrity and a gift. Thanks to her, I have created my own successful career in Yoga, Nutrition & Health.
Tammy Moretti, Leadership Coach, Rise Up for You

Stacy’s teaching changed my life. I have never participated in anything before or since that remains as invigorating as it was/is challenging. I walked away knowing that my first responsibility in every class that I lead was to “change-lives” the way Stacy changed mine. My teaching improved because of Stacy McCarthy. I learned more than asanas. I learned how to fine-tune the dynamics of classroom instruction and “open” the hearts and souls of all class participants. I shared with my students what she shared with me – teaching at is finest.
Lucia Viti, Author, journalist and fitness professional