Master the Big 3!

3 Day Detox Guide

Want to transform
your life?

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After seeing the success of my annual Days of Namaste, where I worked with students in-person to master what I like to call The Big 3!: How you Move, How you Eat & How you Think. I wanted to create something that provided the same teachings and community in a more accessible way so no matter where you are in the world you can transform your life.

It was created with the sole purpose of helping you transform your unconscious habits into conscious, meaningful rituals, so that you fully Master The Big 3! and reclaim your right to a healthy, thriving body, an abundant, flourishing mind and soaring spirit all from the comfort of your own home and on your own time!

Enter the Master the Big 3!, 3-Day Detox Guide!

What is included?

3 Yoga Classes

Three, exclusive on-demand
30 – minute yoga classes

3 Guided Meditations

Three, exclusive on-demand
guided meditation videos.

3 Guided Breathworks

Three, exclusive on-demand
guided breathwork videos.

3 Days of Recipes

Three days of curated, cleansing recipes including: juices, smoothies, salads and soups

In Addition…

  • The 3-Day Detox Workbook also includes guided journal prompts, mindset coaching and three guided 20-minute walking exercises for each day of your detox.
  • Access to the 3-Day Detox community page where you can find additional resources and connect with other participants as well as myself.

Start your journey to a
healthier happier you!

More Questions

What is a Detox?

Food detoxing is widely misunderstood. It should be about so much more than removing certain foods from your system for a few days. At its best, food detoxing can actually mobilize and excrete toxic buildup from your system, and purposefully rebuild and support your body’s natural cleansing systems and processes. Detoxing occurs from deep within, ridding your body of harmful toxins and inflammation throughout your system, and helping train your mind and body to make healthier decisions moving forward.

This detox is special in that it combines movement, thought and food for a full body, mind and spirit detox. You will not only be detoxing with what you eat, but how you move and think over the three day period and beyond.

Is this a juice cleanse?

No! While you will have a juice and smoothie option every morning. This detox includes salads, soups and other cleansing whole foods.

When you go on a low-calorie, low nutrient/nutrient-void cleanse (like a juice or liquid only cleanse), you are typically stripping food of fiber and many of its nutrients, which adds stress to the body. On these typical cleanses, people might lose (water) weight and feel lighter at first and for a short while, but after just a few days biology takes over. Your metabolism—via your thyroid—responds to the lack of energy input and slows down its burn rate, causing stubborn extra pounds of fat; your hormones respond to your body’s high stress state, cueing your hunger hormones to signal more; and you may experience digestive discomfort as your not fueling the microbiome or supporting adequate stomach acid.

Is it safe to do multiple times a month or continuously?

Yes, because we are cleansing with food and not depriving our body of essential nutrients. It is safe to do this detox program multiple times a month or even every day.

Will I be making the food myself?

Yes, part of the education process during this detox is creating rituals around healthy habits so they become a lifestyle. Making each of your meals everyday connects you to your food and gives you a greater appreciation for what you are consuming. It also teaches us how to grocery shop, meal prep and consciously consume food. Each day you are given a step-by-step guide on how to create delicious detoxifying meals that you can eat everyday.

Are there any side-effects?

You will likely be a little tired and possibly a little cranky on any detox or cleanse, particularly in you are not used to eating a cleansing diet in the first place. It takes a lot for your body to effectively rid itself of toxins and inflammation that have built up in it so don’t feel discouraged.

But, what you won’t be is exhausted for the entire time. In fact, you might find (as many clients do) that you have a sudden burst of energy around the 3rd day. At this point, your body starts burning stored fat instead of glucose, your blood sugar and hormone levels stabilize, your gut recalibrates, and toxic buildup is mobilized and excreted—and you’ll find that you sleep sounder and wake up brighter and more energized every day. Plus, post-detox, your energy will continue to soar as your body benefits from the past three days of unbridled nourishment and self-love.