Mountain View

A Day of Namaste

Saturday, August 26th 9:00am – 5:00pm

Master the BIG 3! How you Eat, How you Move and How you Think .

Create Lifelong Rituals that guarantee Your Success!

Generate Massive Karma Points!

A seasonal day retreat in San Diego designed to increase your Prana, Perfect your Postures, Cleanse your Body and Build Community.

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459 Meditations, Mantras and Movement, Friday, 7/21 9:40-11:30am 

Create a workout experience that addresses both body and soul by integrating yoga techniques that deepen both your students’ and your own practice beyond the physical. Learn how to effectively introduce Sanskrit chants, powerful mantras and simple, yet profound meditations that are accessible to yogis and non-yogis alike.

662 Yoga Progressions and Regressions, Saturday, 7/22 9:40-11:30am

This Workshop is being filmed for IDEA Fit TV!

Elevate your teaching and have a deeper understanding of how to make your classes more inclusive for different levels of students in an alignment-based vinyasa flow class. Learn how to deconstruct postures, offer modifications and build yoga poses and sequences, from simple to complex, without losing the pace and delivery of your cues and instruction. Beginner students will be inspired, while experienced students will be challenged when you effectively level up or level down your teaching to meet the needs of popular all-level yoga classes.

Inner IDEA Extravaganza, Saturday,7/22 7:30-9:20am

Inner IDEA lives on in this special mind-body extravaganza! Quiet your mind, calm your body and ignite your spirit as we honor the mindful movement practices of yoga, Pilates, tai chi, Nia and others. We’ll integrate sound healing tools that include chanting, gongs, bells, chimes and reflective music with light therapy and subtle aromatherapy to enhance your experience. Then combine the power of afi rmations, intentions, meditations and breath work. This 35th anniversary celebration promises to be a sellout and is a must on your conference bucket list!

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full description and registration


DVD LEVEL: For those experienced in Sun Salutations


DVD LEVEL: For those experienced in Sun Salutations