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August tends to be the month when I see a drop in the number of students attending classes & slacking off on the discipline that it takes to get the desired results they want.
You may have notice how quickly the body becomes stiff or weak from a lack of balanced movement that you benefit from in your yoga practie. When you become stiff or weak from a lack of balanced movement the long term result can be a body that starts to store fear & no longer moves freely & without pain.  An unbalanced body can create a cascade of problems from weight gain to no longer having the confidence to do the things you once did.

Initially, a yoga practice can be uncomfortable. If you’ve taken extended time off from a regular practice, starting back can be a challenge. Without consistent practice, the body loses it’s balance, strength, stamina & flexibility.

You’ve got to learn to enjoy the process of discipline & putting yourself through the practice of doing the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. As I tell my students, you’ve got to find comfort in healthy discomfort.

You’ve got to be prepared & willing to take the challenges if you want the results because challenges are part of getting the results. As a teacher I want to consistently take my students to their edge in their practice, to breathe into a more challenging version of what they think is possible.

I can promise you that the challenges you’ll meet on your yoga journey to getting on your mat & being consistent in your practice are far less difficult to deal with than the struggles & pain that come from being inflexible, weak & stressed from the lack of working the body & mind intelligently & holistically with balance & feeling.
The payoff of taking care of the body and paying attention to its workings through yoga, is finding ourselves focusing the mind, settling the breath & finding stillness in the unending chatter of our lives.

Namaste ~ Stacy
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