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Coming Home to Self

Practices for Times of Transition

Friends, I gotta be honest with you… The past thirty days have been a whirling dervish. Exciting, stressful, energizing and exhausting all at once.

My family and I have just moved out of our home of 20 years into our Dream Home! It has been one of the greatest blessings- a testament of our hard work, our relentless vision of abundance, and our willingness to say No to the places that weren’t exactly the right fit. It has taken patience, perseverance, and constant faith… but we got here.

I’m reminded in this time of transition that there is no finish line.

Stepping into our new home is only the beginning of another monumental journey. There has been no rest, no reprieve, and no time (yet) to just sit and enjoy the new space. Instead, our days have been filled with packing, movers, plumbers, electricians, painters, and everyone else that contributes to a big transitional move. All in the midst of leading yoga teacher training, clients, caregiving and keeping up with life’s daily needs.

And that’s the reality of life- it is sometimes turbulent and relentless- even when things are G-O-O-D, Good!

What has my saving grace been during this time? Yoga, Meditation, and Community. Stillness, Movement and Togetherness have come to my rescue  each day and kept me  (arguably) sane through it all.

The beauty of these practices is that they don’t judge you. Like a good friend, they are here whenever you need, however you are, whatever the circumstances. They listen, and respond with care. They are a Home of serenity and peace, even when home is elusive, messy, transitional, clustered and in disarray.

Here are some of the practices that have helped me come home to myself during this time of transition. May they be of service to you, too.Coming Home to Yourself: Practices for Times of Transition

Follow Your Breath: Breath is constant motion and flux- a dynamic flow that is always changing and evolving. Following the breath with your full awareness will help you develop the tools to follow the changes of life with ease. We learn to be still, listen, and allow the unfolding to  process without reactivity. The most helpful tools I’ve found to keep me focused in breathing mindfulness meditation are Mala necklaces. Malas have 108 beads that you move along with as you breathe. Each bead is a breath in and a breath out. By the time you’ve gone around the full mala, you’ve been breathing mindfully for about 30 minutes!

Move Your Body: Stagnation in the body can very easily lead to stagnation in the mind, built up emotional stress, and lack of energy. It can be a challenge to commit to your own practice when life feels like chaos. But this is when it is even more important to be consistent. I practice at the same time every day. It is in my planner just like business meetings, and just like the classes I teach- and I take that time as seriously as the rest. Get on your mat, no expectations, and just move. Follow a guided movement practice if you need- no excuses.

Gather With Community: It has been proven that people who spend time in community are happier and healthier. In the Buddhist tradition, Community is one of the Three Jewels, alongside The Teacher and The Teachings. Community is Sangha– the support group that will hold space for you, practice alongside you, witness you grow, and listen when you need. This can be your family, friends, classmates, church members, neighbors, book club group, etc. Make it a point to gather with those you love, and just be together.

May your life be full of positive, upward moving, expansive growth and change… and may you stay centered, peaceful and at home in the chaos of evolution.

With Love + Namaste,


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