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Is it quantifiable on a time table or by a number with a money sign- or is it a feeling inside and the quality of life you receive in exchange for your efforts in keeping up with it?
This value can be many things for different people- but chances likely are that you see your health as invaluable.
We often don’t realize how much we do value our health until it’s gone- until we’re too injured to go to class, too si
ck to think clearly, or too frail to take that trip you’ve always dreamed of. But, why wait to begin appreciating, and even increasing, your health and vitality until its too late?
Here are some ways to honor and increase the value of your health NOW:
1. Commit to taking excellent care of your mind and body
   You wouldn’t expect your car to remain spotless on a road trip- nor should you expect your body and mind to never be touched by the challenges of life’s journey. Committing to taking care of yourself means you are committed to the required maintenance regimen it takes to keep your engine running smoothly over bumpy roads. Seasonal tune-ups are a great way to ensure you are continually taking care of yourself and maintaining the value of your health.
2. Think Preventative > Reactionary
    Again- don’t wait until its too late. When assessing your value, look at your current state with honesty, and then come up with a plan that will continually combat your “problem areas”. The more preventative your health routine, the more value saved in the long run.
3. Learn to adapt
    One thing in life is certain- your body, your mind, your health, will all change. You won’t always be able to prepare for the changes, but you can prepare for the process of change. A changing body with different abilities doesn‘t mean you have less or more value- but it does mean you’ll have to adapt. Stay present to the changes, and learn to go with the flow.
4. Honor your rituals
    Going to the gym isn’t just another chore- it’s an opportunity to practice self love and to honor your self worth. Every part of your day can be made into a ritual of this kind, and can add dramatically to the value of your overall wellbeing. When brushing your teeth stops being a bother and begins to be an honor, you are more likely do it with integrity and quality- and in so, you are increasing the value of your efforts and of your health.
5. Practice Gratitude
    Sometimes noticing how valuable your body and mind already are just takes a moment of stepping back and looking… Take a moment each day to reflect upon the gifts you’ve been given- look at how much your body does for you each day, at how blessed you are to be able to choose your thoughts, and at the marvel of how your body and mind work so seamlessly together. Like a rusty silver chain, sometimes the value of your health is hidden until you give it a little shine.

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