The Yoga School of Business

For the past several years, I’ve had a successful mentoring program for teachers. I’ve wanted to expand my reach with this program to benefit yoga teachers on a broader scale. As the law of attraction would have it, Stephanie Tait, an extraordinary business coach from Vancouver, BC was headed down the same path. We combined our education, experience & passion for helping yoga teachers & launched the The Yoga School of Business.

Do you LOVE teaching yoga?

Far too many yoga teachers plateau in their businesses at lower levels than they want to. Even hard working, well-trained teachers fall short of realizing the kind of results they really want.

Want to make a LIVING by teaching it?

More people are getting certified by teachers training. The price of yoga classes – and instructors’ income – has gone down. Competition has gone up. This can be a scary reality if you know deep down you are meant to teach yoga, but you are struggling to make a career out of it.

Realizing your full potential as a yoga teacher doesn’t start and end with a good class. Many teachers rush from class to class, studio to studio, trying to keep expenses low. This cycle can become exhausting, and lead to burn out.

Taking more yoga teachers training isn’t necessarily going to take your practice to the next level (or we wouldn’t see so many instructors struggling.)

You have to know how to grow your yoga business with key strategies involving finance, business plans and marketing if you want to be able to teach full-time, make a good living, and balance your personal life.

Need some HELP?

We are the world’s first business school designed specifically for yoga teachers. Our mission is to empower instructors to grow their practice through specialized business education. We compliment what you learnt at yoga teacher training with yoga business training. We offer something more than other yoga business workshops and courses in a program that combines the best of these with intensive coaching and peer support.

The Result: You more readily teach the yoga you love. You build a strong community of like-minded people, passionate about building a career in yoga. You (finally!) enjoy the lifestyle you truly desire.
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