A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the yoga lifestyle, in which body, mind and spirit are united in everything you do. This creative day retreat is open to all levels of yoga practice, even those who have yet to think of themselves as “yogis”.

During A Day of Namasté, you’ll light the shining flame within you, through fueling your body with a delicious combination of hand crafted Beaming juices, smoothies and nutritious gourmet plant-based foods – all developed to detoxify your body at the cellular level. You’ll move your breath and body together in a in an inspired Yoga Namastacy sequence that opens your energy channels. Your Spirit will be lifted through inspirational story telling and philanthropy. You’ll feel simply Beaming for weeks having sparked a light within that you’ll want to share with others.

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Adjust Me Puhleeeeeze!

Deepen your understanding of optimal alignment and adjustments in standing poses, back-bends, arm balances, and hip openers. Learn how to bring greater stability and energy flow to each yoga pose to facilitate a greater sense of joy and empowerment.



Meditations, Mantras and Movement

Create a workout experience that addresses both body and soul by integrating yoga techniques that deepen both your students’ and your own practice beyond the physical. Learn how to effectively introduce Sanskrit chants, powerful mantras, and simple yet profound meditations that are accessible to yogis and non-yogis alike. All levels welcomed.

 Yoga: The Inner IDEA Experience—A Special 35th Anniversary Celebration! (co-presented with Lawrence, Marla and Yury)

Inner IDEA lives on in this special mind body extravaganza! Quiet your mind, calm your body and ignite your spirit as we honor the mindful movement practices of yoga, Pilates, t’ai chi, Nia and others. We’ll integrate sound healing tools which include chanting, gongs, bells, chimes and reflective music with light therapy and subtle aromatherapy to enhance your experience. Then combine the power of affirmations, intentions, meditations and breath work. This 35th anniversary celebration promises to be a sell-out and is a must on your conference bucket list!

Yoga Progressions and Regressions

Elevate your teaching and have a deeper understanding of how to make your classes more inclusive for different levels of students in an alignment based Vinyasa Flow class. Learn how to deconstruct postures, offer modifications and build yoga poses and sequences from simple to complex without losing the pace and delivery of your cues and instruction. Beginner students will be inspired, while experienced students will be challenged when you effectively level up or level down your teaching to meet the needs of popular all level yoga classes.

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300 Hour Courses taught by Stacy McCarthy

Tuesday and Thursday 11am – 2:50pm

The Yoga Instructor 300-hour certificate prepares students to meet the requirements to become a 500-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. This comprehensive and wisdom-based program uses anatomy and physiology as well as English and Sanskrit terminology to provide students with both a broad background and practical experience in the essential elements of yoga. Completion of the program prepares students for employment in health clubs, spas, yoga studios, hospitals, and the health industry as well as for self-employment as yoga instructors.
Kinesiology 149 Yoga Integration 
This course provides aspiring yoga teachers with the tools to deepen their independent practice in order to strengthen their teaching and develop a personal teaching style. The course continues to focus on designing, integrating, and implementing knowledge and teaching of asanas, pranayama techniques, meditation, and yogic history and philosophy. Students also learn about the business aspects of teaching yoga. Students are required to attend an off-campus yoga class.

Kinesiology 159 Yoga Implementation 

This course provides students with the advanced knowledge and skills to design and implement all-level yoga classes and yoga-based educational workshops. It integrates in-depth study of yogic philosophy and Sanskrit terminology with injury management and the use of props for asana progressions and regressions as well as intelligent sequencing and theming to create purposeful class experiences.

Learn more and register at http://www.miracosta.edu/instruction/kinesiology/index.html

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Apriljean Cahl says:

    I participated in your Yoga Wk shop at Inner Idea in Anaheim: Hips Don’t Lie. I would love to purchase a DVD of the work shop, however IDEA only recorded Major League Yoga. Is there any way to purchase a DVD?

    • yoganamastacyblog says:

      The exact sequencing of the poses I used for the Hips Workshop are not on DVD, however there are bite size chunks of many of the postures in my Yoga Body DVD series. For example, the bonus program on Yoga Body Lean & Defined has the Fire Up Flow sequence that we did to warm up the hips for deeper work.
      All the DVD’s have a variety of hip opening poses, just not in the focused hip sequencing I developed for the workshop.
      I hope to see you on the path to wellness soon.

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