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Yoga Wall + Alignment Based Vinyasa

Come try my classes that feature poses on the rope wall, backbends made easy and some vinyasa to keep your prana flowing. All Levels Welcome.

The class is designed to build a strong, safe and healthy yoga practice with detailed alignment, use of props and proper breathing. It’s an important class for newcomers and experienced students, who want to deepen their practice but may have injuries, muscular imbalances or structural irregularities. You’ll create strength, flexibility and balance by starting with a solid foundation.
10 Class Package
Pay Online: Drop In – 10 Class Package – Student Discount
Pay Online: Monthly Reoccurring Fee (automatically renewed every month)

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Equinox La Costa

7710 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009

(760) 268-9657

Friday 10:15am Namastacy Flow!

Sunday 9:30AM Yoga + Meditation

Bay Club Carmel Valley

12000 Carmel Country Road
San Diego,CA 92130
Phone: 858-509-9933
Monday/Wednesday 9:00AM Alignment Based Vinyasa 75 minutes
Sunday 11:15 -12:45 Ashtanga Full Primary Series 90 minutes
(1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of each month)

Miracosta College San Elijo, Cardiff by the Sea Campus
Yoga Teacher Training Courses (Best Kept Secret Featuring Affordable, Experienced, Educated Faculty)

I’ll be teaching the following 500 hour Yoga Alliance Approved Courses Beginning September 5th, 2017

Yoga Integration includes modules on Asana Themes, Ayurveda, Meditation, Buddhism, Chakras + Prana.

Yoga Implementation includes Business of Yoga, Finding Your Niche + Teaching Practicum.


What Stacy’s Students are saying…..

“As a long time yoga student, I have continuously searched for a mentor since I moved to San Diego 10 years ago. It seems that the San Diego community is inundated with some very young teachers who have the asanas down perhaps but not the wisdom, introspection, and reflection of the purpose of yoga, notwithstanding, living the lifestyle. In taking your classes, I see that you exude something in which I’ve been searching in a teacher. You’re bright, deep, reflective, and knowledgeable. I appreciate your teaching style, your Saturday mellow but challenging flow class, your voice, your expertise, and attention to the inner voice, the breath. I listen to all that you say, find the music a lovely accompaniment, and benefit from your calm spirit. I just want to stay on my mat after your class and fall deeper into the earth”. Melissa Joseph

“Stacy McCarthy was my very first teacher in my very first yoga class. The class that was and continues to be, one of my life’s most transforming moments, for I was elevated to a place I describe as the unknown. I was beyond changed, I was elevated. Fear and trepidation quickly dissolved through a voice that was soft, kind and reassuring. Although challenged by movements and terminology out of my fitness vocabulary, Stacy’s clear and concise instruction guided me through movements I never knew I could perform”. Lucia Viti

“Stacy’s inspirational style is perfection”. John Robbins

“Stacy McCarthy has inspired me physically, mentally, and spiritually at many levels.  Taking Stacy McCarthy’s Ashtanga yoga class is a journey to a place I am grateful and happy to have discovered.  Only in Stacy’s yoga classes can I get to that place. Her soothing voice, choice of poses, and encouraging music has become a necessary part of my routine.  Stacy was born with an incredible gift to teach yoga.   By teaching yoga successfully, Stacy has touched many people’s lives.  This is evident by her huge following”. Sara Robertson

“I struggled with my stomach for years after having four children.  Stacy’s yoga classes physically changed my body.  My stomach is finally flat and strong, my back is muscular, and overall my body is firm and toned.  By practicing yoga with Stacy, I have a greater awareness of my body, how I carry myself, and my posture outside of yoga”.  Patti Lorne

“I was so impressed by Stacy’s teaching, I vowed to become an avid practitioner. I was hooked – plain and simple. Stacy McCarthy had what I wanted – the “It” factor in the world’s oldest workout”.Mitch Ferguson

“I became a groupie. I attended EVERY Stacy McCarthy class that my schedule would allow, despite an ever-increasing athletic schedule of my own. I needed my fix. Stacy McCarthy was my fix”. John Moore

“Stacy’s tone, flexible and strong body is inspiring.  It is not one that looks like it has been damaged by running on pavement or by over doing one particular muscle area.  For years I did hard cardio workouts.  It left me exhausted at the end of the day.  Rather than thinking deeply, I would look at the time and want the workout to end. When I am in Stacy’s yoga classes, my body is fulfilled in every area without thinking of time”. Kara Crabtree

“Stacy’s style is calming mentally.  I can challenge myself and at the same time find peacefulness withinWith kids and a busy life, the only place that I can separate myself mentally from my world is in Stacy’s classes”. JL Chase

“Stacy’s music is beautiful, meaningful, and soothing which sets the mood in the room for individual spirituality”.  Yoga with Soul

“The inspiration Stacy gives me in every class effects my mind, body, soul and overall happiness.   Her kindness and nonjudgmental personality help me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually while practicing yoga”. Mark Ryan

“Stacy`s teaching combines the best elements of yoga, they are a perfect blend of mind, body and soul. Her classes are the MOST attended at any one time at the Pacific Sports Resort where I am a member. She is patient, thoughtful, always prepared and on time and makes you want to work as hard as you can to get the most out of your practice”. Naomi Whitacre

2 thoughts on “Class Schedule

  1. Tammy Moretti says:

    Hi Stacy how ya be/ Anywho I am in the process of checking all the mentors out for the 300 hr training and since I have already taken your class I would like to put you on my list as a selected mentor would this be ok? Also can I get a letter to submit from you that I have completed the training with Yoga Works as waiting for the actual paper work from Yoga Alliance or even Yoga Works well you know… The dilema is this I read the requirements for the program and one is taking a class while assisting a class once a week with your mentor. I am coming a long way and I would like to make best use of my time so if I could kill two birds with one stone that would be great…are you doing back to backs any time during the week? Have any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this? Thanks for your time Ciao T Also personally I would want to take a level 1/2 class from you

    • yoganamastacyblog says:

      Hi Tammy,
      I would be honored to be your mentor on your yoga path. Thank you for your trust & faith in me. I will help you with any paperwork, letters, etc. you need for the application. I will be working my schedule to accommodate teachers mentoring with me. It might mean, I’ll add a couple of classes during the months of the training to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.

      Cheers to your continued success,


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