About the Book….. Wherever you are in your path as a teacher, this book is designed as a streamlined tool to give practical guidelines for expanding your teaching skills. It begins with a basic exploration of learning styles as well as the structural platforms and actions that take place in each posture. Next, in the hands on adjustment section, you will find information on philosophy, ethics and types of physical touch. The images and description section displays many adjustments used for group classes. In addition, you will find a special section for adjustments that work well for private clients.

Following the adjustment section, there is a section entitled “Lessons Learned On and Off the Mat”. It introduces and reinforces principles you may or may not have learned in teacher training. It contains insights and tips that have helped me create a thriving and sustainable practice for over twenty years.

The book is equipped with a spiral binding and a hard cover. The spiral will allow you to place it conveniently near you as a visual reference while you practice adjusting without it flopping closed and the hard cover will enhance its durability. You may use the manual by itself or in conjunction with the digital download, which is an instructional video that includes additional adjustments not found in the book. In addition, there is a digital version available.

I have worked to make this book and companion video informative without being overwhelming. Yoga adjustments are an essential skill in your teaching tool kit. We do not all have the luxury of living near a teacher skilled in hands on adjustments, so sometimes it is necessary to use whatever means is available. With the use of this book and companion video, I suggest practicing hands on adjustments with another teacher. Share feedback with each other until you are confident your adjustments are safe and effective before adjusting your students.

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“What Teachers Are Saying

Everyone teaching and/or practicing Yoga will benefit from this inspirational book! McCarthy has brilliantly and succinctly distilled her years of yoga teaching and knowledge of anatomy into a clear yoga guidebook that not only details asana alignment but encourages us to reflect on our inner alignment as well.”

Michele Hebert
E-RYT 500 Author, The Tenth Door: An Adventure Through the Jungles of Enlightenment,
Co-owner Raja Yoga Institute

Stacy’s book lets you put your finger right on the pulse of yoga today in a one-stop shop approach to all the pertinent things professionals and consumers need to know. I am so pleased this book fulfills our worldwide need, with everything from practical adjustments to teaching strategies, and I only regret that this book was not out in the last century as well.”

Lawrence Biscontini,
MA, International Mind-Body Movement Specialist, author, and teacher trainer,
INNER IDEA Inspiration Award Recipient

What a treasure-trove of material Stacy McCarthy has poured into this book. Filled with heart-warming yoga inspiration, crystal clear teaching guidelines, essential professional wisdom, and beautiful images and practical adjustment instructions – this book is a must read by all yogi practitioners and instructors. As a children’s yoga teacher & trainer, I for sure will incorporate many of these lessons in to my classes & personal practice. Well done & thank you!”

Jodi Komitor
Next Generation Yoga, Founder

Transformational Teaching Through Yoga Adjustments truly empowers us as yoga teachers to fully understand and embrace the foundational elements of a meaningful yoga practice, from the science and safety to the philosophy and ethics. From there, this book then challenges us to integrate this wealth of knowledge into our teaching, along with a deeper understanding of our students and ourselves, to ultimately cultivate an innovative approach to not only teaching yoga, but to truly living yoga.

As both a fitness professional and an experienced yoga teacher, I find great comfort in and deep appreciation for the purposeful adjustments, meaningful words and inspiring life lessons Stacy has shared throughout this book. From discussing the science, safety and proper execution of hands-on adjustments, to sharing the importance of teaching from your authentic self, respecting your students and remaining a humble lifelong learner, the knowledge she has imparted on both current and future yoga teachers from her years of experience and genuine love and compassion is truly profound.
Whether you are new to teaching or are a seasoned practitioner, this book will ignite your passion in a whole new way, and will inspire you as a yoga teacher to uniquely be yourself, allowing you to open more minds, warm more hearts and inspire positive, meaningful change in the lives of those you touch, both on and off the mat.”

Jessica Matthews,
Exercise Physiologist E-RYT