Be Your Own Valentine

A Day of Self Love Be Your Own Valentine   I am passionate about helping people create lifelong rituals which ensure their success, wellbeing and sustaining ability to thrive. Establishing healthy habits takes practice, persistence, and patience- whether it’s taking on a new diet, exercise regime, or adopting a new mindset. The process of gaining […]

Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha

Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha In a media world – How do we practice yoga authentically? I have a friend who is just starting his yoga journey. He began practicing yoga to improve his health, but when he looks at yoga on social media he’s left with the impression that yoga is only about touching his […]

Do The Twist – Bharavadjasana – Simple to Complex

Do The Twist! Bharavadjasana – Simple to Complex   Just as important as backbending and forward folding, twisting is an integral part of a balanced yoga practice. A well balanced practice will take the body in all directions available, so that you end feeling balanced and whole. For some, however, twisting brings up many concerns. If […]

How Fast Are You Aging?

Do you remember the first time you realized your body was “aging”? Maybe it started in your thirties with a few more aches and pains in the morning. A tendency to get tired earlier in the day. The first signs of wrinkles around your eyes. A memory not quite as sharp as it used to […]

Balancing the Chakras : A Simple Guide

Meditations, Mantras and Movement to Keep Your Chakras In Balance What sets Yoga apart from other calisthenic routines? The ancient yogis knew of something beyond the outer shell of movement- something deeper than muscles and bones- yet something just as important to shaping our physical health. What they looked at and sought to keep healthy through […]

What is A Mala?

Ask my students, friends, or husband… it’s rare you’ll see me without one of my Mala Meditation necklaces on. And while I do love how they look, I don’t actually put it on for fashion. While it would seem that a piece of jewelry is merely part of the material world, a Mala is about something […]

How To Start : Living Your Purpose

What does it really take to find your purpose? You can’t force your purpose… What you’re meant to do will flow through you with ease, grace and abundance. And it absolutely will, if only you allow it to. It will take deep work, inner-looking, and patience with yourself. It will take pushing through your fears […]

SMOGIs We Admire : Re-Blog from YOGASMOGA

Re:Blog from YOGASMOGA STACY MCCARTHY Stacy McCarthy has been at the forefront of the yoga, fitness and health industries for more than 25 years. Through her business, Yoga Namastacy she’s developed a collection of best-selling DVDs, books, and trainings, and has contributed her expertise on yoga and health to countless media outlets and conferences. BELIEF: […]

Yoga Progressions & Regressions

Yoga Is For Every Body How to create All-Levels Yoga Classes that offer an inclusive practice environment, so that the beginner feels safe and the advanced student feels challenged… the secret is mastering Yoga Progressions & Regressions. In my time as a yoga practitioner and teacher, one thing I’ve noticed is this… that no yoga […]

Ageless Yoga in Business?

Does Ageless Yoga have a place in business? YOGASMOGA teaches us that YES!! It absolutely does. When YOGASMOGA asked me to be their first featured Smogi, I was absolutely honored! A company is only as good as their practices, and this one really takes the ageless practice of yoga to heart. One way YOGASMOGA is […]

Don’t Skip Savasana!

Don’t Skip Savasana!! (And other ways you should actively Chill Out)… When’s the last time you took a deep breath that soothed your entire being? The last time you slowed down on purpose? The last time you remember feeling fully restored? If lifelong health is something you’re seeking, these are important questions to ask yourself. Getting […]

DIY Home Retreat Pt. 1 – Body

Namaste yogis, Here is Part One of my DIY Home Yoga Retreat Series! Whether you follow the program exactly, or just use this information as a guide to create your own path to successful health, I hope you find these newsletters both useful and inspiring. Week One will focus on maintaining a healthy body by mastering How You Move and How You Eat. Because […]

DIY Home Retreat Pt. 2 – Mind

Namaste yogis, Here’s Part 2 of my DIY Home Yoga Retreat Series, tailored specifically to calm the mind and put you in ease and awareness of your mental functions. If you put Part 1 to practice, you may notice some similarities in this week’s schedule. While it may seem counterintuitive to help the mind by moving the body and […]

DIY Home Retreat Pt. 3 – Soul

Namaste yogis, Part 3 of my DIY Home Yoga Retreat Series ​​​​​​​is all about getting to the core of it… We’ll be exploring how to soothe your soul with movement, meditation, and purposeful creation. Before we get started, I’d like to honor that the Soul can mean different things to different people- and that each understanding of this concept […]

Eating for Anti-Inflammation

Every wonder why your skin’s not glowing? Why your joints are achy? Why you can’t recover after a high intensity workout? The reason, more than likely, is that you’re inflamed. Why Fight Inflammation? Inflammation is a positive and natural part of a healthy immune system. When you get a bug bite and your skin shows […]

What’s Your Story?

Last month at A Day of Namaste, I had my hubby, Tom McCarthy present one of his most popular talks, “The Most Powerful STORY Ever Told” to the sold out crowd. He spoke about the incredible power our stories exert over our lives. At the end of the day, all we really are are the stories we continue to tell ourselves. Our stories […]

Take 5 Deep Breaths

Recently I was at Costco struggling to pull one of the super-sized carts from the other 20 carts crammed together in a row, when I faintly heard, “take five deep breaths”. I thought I was hearing things and yanked the cart out and started walking into the store. “Hey, Stacy McCarthy, I know you heard […]

What value do you place on your health?

  Is it quantifiable on a time table or by a number with a money sign- or is it a feeling inside and the quality of life you receive in exchange for your efforts in keeping up with it? This value can be many things for different people- but chances likely are that you see your health as invaluable. We often don’t […]

Turning Morning Habits Into Healthy Rituals

Every New Year, my yoga classes become overcrowded with new members who have made new resolutions to lose weight and transform their lives- but less than 3 percent will actually make this reality sustainable. When the New Year’s buzz dissipates, the commitment to these resolutions will typically follow suit; and every year, I find that this […]

A Yogi’s Thoughts on the Upcoming Presidential Election

As a professor of yoga studies at a local college, my students have inquired about who I favor in the upcoming presidential election. This always puts me in an uneasy position. If you read the partisan bickering from both sides, you’ll hear polarizing opinions about both Clinton and Trump. The reality is that both candidates are real people, with a […]