What’s Your Story?

Last month at A Day of Namaste, I had my hubby, Tom McCarthy present one of his most popular talks, “The Most Powerful STORY Ever Told” to the sold out crowd. He spoke about the incredible power our stories exert over our lives. At the end of the day, all we really are are the stories we continue to tell ourselves. Our stories […]

Take 5 Deep Breaths

Recently I was at Costco struggling to pull one of the super-sized carts from the other 20 carts crammed together in a row, when I faintly heard, “take five deep breaths”. I thought I was hearing things and yanked the cart out and started walking into the store. “Hey, Stacy McCarthy, I know you heard […]

What value do you place on your health?

  Is it quantifiable on a time table or by a number with a money sign- or is it a feeling inside and the quality of life you receive in exchange for your efforts in keeping up with it? This value can be many things for different people- but chances likely are that you see your health as invaluable. We often don’t […]

Turning Morning Habits Into Healthy Rituals

Every New Year, my yoga classes become overcrowded with new members who have made new resolutions to lose weight and transform their lives- but less than 3 percent will actually make this reality sustainable. When the New Year’s buzz dissipates, the commitment to these resolutions will typically follow suit; and every year, I find that this […]

A Yogi’s Thoughts on the Upcoming Presidential Election

As a professor of yoga studies at a local college, my students have inquired about who I favor in the upcoming presidential election. This always puts me in an uneasy position. If you read the partisan bickering from both sides, you’ll hear polarizing opinions about both Clinton and Trump. The reality is that both candidates are real people, with a […]

The Antidote For Aging

A common saying in yoga is, you’re as young as your spine. It’s not the number of years that determines your age, but the flexibility, strength and mobility of your spine that determines a person’s age. Yoga lets you trade in characteristics of old age for characteristics of youth. Physically, a regular practice slows down […]

A Yogi’s Creed for Living a Beaming Life

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines health as “the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially: freedom from physical disease or pain”. How progressive this statement seems in a quick-fix physical world of flash diets and high intensity workout programs. This description truly captures the essence of health- soundness in mind, body and spirit. […]

Hands On Love

Many years ago, I became inspired to teach yoga adjustments to others when a student came to me after class to tell me how much she enjoyed my teaching. Her deep gratitude enlightened me when she said, “Stacy, I live alone and sometimes you’re the only one who touches me for weeks at a time.” […]

Is Yoga Suppose to be Fun?

Twenty-five years ago, I began practicing yoga. I came to the mat to release the stress of years of competitive athletics and pressure of starting a new company. At first, there was an excitement of looking forward to the next class, wondering what new pose I would discover. Everything was an adventure. It was like […]

If You See Someone Without A Smile…Give Them One Of Yours

What’s the most important part of a yoga pose? Your smile 🙂 Even when you are breathing through a difficult posture, maintain an inner smile. What you feel and practice on the inside will come shining through on the outside. Smiling changes our mood. Next time you’re feeling down, start with an inner smile and […]

What I Believe and Why

I discovered my love of movement and healthy living at a young age. Fortunately, when I was growing up, there wasn’t a label placed on kids with high energy. Parents and teachers would just tell me I had “ants in my pants” because I couldn’t sit still. Movement became my refuge. It was a revelation […]

The Space Between….

The Space Between… It doesn’t seem that long ago, that I graduated from college. My four scholarship-funded years at Colorado State University were transforming and as I packed up to move to California, I felt as if I had arrived. Or so I thought. I recently returned from the East Coast after moving my youngest […]

The Magic Number of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Astrology

Over the past couple of weeks, the number 108 has been everywhere in my life. I just returned from leading a yoga retreat in Bali and brought back some Mala necklaces consisting of 108 beads. I also hosted an astrology event with Leslie McGuirk of Lucky Stars Astrology and began researching how the number 108, […]

Bali Retreat Raises Funds for Charity

Local Residents co-hosting Bali yoga retreat as fundraiser By Kristina Houck Two local yoga instructors are teaming up to rase more than hope for City of Hope. With City of Hope’s fifth annual Yoga for Hope set for June 13 at Petco Park, yoga instructors Stacy McCarty and Heidi Shurtz are planning a unique fundraiser […]

We Did It! Doga Yoga World Record

Doga Yoga World Record!               For more images follow me on Twitter, Instagram,  Facebook. When my friend Dawn Celapino of Leash Your Fitness invited me to co-teach the World’s, Largest Doga Yoga Class my answer was an immediate and emphatic, yes!   It was a picture perfect January day […]

The Wisdom That Comes With Age

As we come off the holiday high and dive into a New Year, I’d like to share a few thoughts  that help keep life in perspective.   (Edited from Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free) Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a […]

Doga Yoga World Record

250 DOGS NEEDED! Even though my dogs passed away last year, I’m not adopting 250 dogs, but trying to help break the Guinness Book of World Records for Doga Yoga. Along with Leash Your Fitness and the Humane Society, we are teaching a huge class for all Dogis and Yogis. Come help us set the […]

Sure Fire Way To Happiness

Gratitude is a sure fire way to happiness. Research shows that practicing gratitude can elevate our happiness by 25%. In fact, gratitude has the strongest link to well being compared to any other character trait. For many homes the holidays are busy & sometimes stressful, either preparing your home for others or traveling on the […]