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REGISTER NOW for a day filled with practices to Master The Big 3! How you Eat, How you Move and How you Think. Enjoy the benefits of both an invigorating yoga practice and a restorative evening flow, an all organic Beaming Lifestyle Cleanse, and coaching on sustainable eating practices that will never make you want to “diet” again!! You’ll also receive a handmade Meditation Mala, a customized workbook to keep you on track after the retreat, and take part in the keynote talk, The Most Powerful Story Ever Told.

This seasonal day retreat will be held from 9:00am – 5:00pm at the beautiful Fairbanks Ranch Country Club.









Our Mission is to help you thrive! We believe we are all sparked by a shining light, and when we take the time for self care, that inner light shines infinitely bright. When we recognize the fullest potential of that illumination within ourselves and others, we say the Sanskrit word Namasté. Our mission is to use yoga, meditation, nature, inspiration and philanthropy to inspire people to do more, give more, and be more- so that the whole world will shine brightly, and live Beaming.


Spread Love & Namasté!!

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A Day of Namasté


“Thank you for such a wonderful experience on at A Day of Namasté. It was exactly what I needed- a sweet little afternoon vacation for my soul. I have been raving about it to everyone along with receiving tons of compliments on my Mala Bead necklace. You are a wonderful teacher and such a light to be around. Thank you!”

– Courtney George, Retail Experience Assistant Manager, YOGASMOGA


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