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Join me for a day filled with practices to Master The Big 3! How you Eat, How you Move and How you Think. Enjoy the benefits of both an invigorating yoga practice and a restorative evening flow, an all organic Beaming Lifestyle Cleanse, and coaching on sustainable eating practices that will never make you want to “diet” again!! You’ll also receive a handmade Meditation Mala, a customized workbook to keep you on track after the retreat. Plus! Engage with our special guest speaker, Leslie McGuirk, who will de-mystify astrology and empower you on your inner journey.

Leslie McGuirk is a professional astrologer, with an international following,  who has been studying astrology for over twenty-five years. Her book THE POWER OF MERCURY, published by Harper Collins, has been featured on Coast to Coast radio, Elle Magazine, and The Jenny McCarthy Show.  Leslie has been a speaker at astrology conferences and a workshop presenter at various locations, including Rancho La Puerta spa in Mexico.  Visit her websites www.lesliemcguirk.com  and www.luckystarsastrology.com.

This seasonal day retreat will be held from 9:00am – 5:00pm at the beautiful Fairbanks Ranch Country Club.


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Event Details:

How You Move: Asanas that Align your Lucky Stars. Yoga Asana will be lead by world renowned yogini and yoga educator, Stacy McCarthy. Stacy will diligently guide you in aligning and opening up the body both physically and energetically. Break up the energetic binds that are getting in the way of your fullest expression of self, and work to perfectly align the body in this star-themed practice. Later in the day, immerse yourself in a starry-eyed meditation.

How You Eat: ADON will help you eat in such a way that fuels you and increases your vitality. We’ll enjoy a Lifestyle Cleanse from Beaming Superfood Cafe, while investigating the idea that eating well isn’t about counting calories, but about tuning into your body and how it responds to what you consume– aka Conscious Consumption. Discover how the Eight Limbs apply to what you eat. You can think of the Eight Limbs of Yoga like the “Yogi Code”- Beyond eating well for yourself, how do you consciously eat well for the wellbeing of the Earth?

How You Think: Leslie believes that your birth chart is like the owner’s manual in your car’s glove compartment.  The chart can give you very precise ways to make sure your life is operating at the highest level possible.  Her approach is to help others understand the patterns at work within their lives, and she focuses on facilitating each person’s process of self-discovery.  And just like an owner’s manual, a chart has no power over us….just as the manual can’t control a car.  But giant hints for running smoothly are present, if we choose to listen. In particular, Leslie will discuss how the planet Mercury affects your communication and inter-personal tendencies.


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A Day of Namasté


“Thank you for such a wonderful experience on at A Day of Namasté. It was exactly what I needed- a sweet little afternoon vacation for my soul. I have been raving about it to everyone along with receiving tons of compliments on my Mala Bead necklace. You are a wonderful teacher and such a light to be around. Thank you!” – Courtney George, Retail Experience Assistant Manager, YOGASMOGA
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